What men don’t know about women

December 5, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

If you are sure you know all about women, then clearly this article is especially for you. If you are unsure, you can find things that were not in issue and anyway, we men do not really give us the wind after details of women. We have a lifetime to discover, right?

Leaving the joke aside, below is a list of some things you might don’t know about women.

1. Are modern and independent, but you have to be “man” and to keep in check the relationship

They want to be with a person full of tenderness, that they have attention, but that does not mean you have to be jelly. Should continue to be the one who is not afraid of insects, which is able to that the heavy bags or who knows how to negotiate or to remove the less desirable situations.

After all you are the one with strong arms, the shadow which to feel safe, so not too hard to believe the stories about independence.

2. Think about sex very often.

Sometimes thinking about it all day. Only until by the end of the day she are too tired to do something about it. One solution would be to catch your lunch break …

3. I am as anxious about the commitments

True, many girls grow up dreaming of Prince Charming, the dream wedding and “They lived happily ever after”.

And they also want real and relentless strikes are as frightened as you of the idea of ​​long-term commitment. So stop thinking that only you who wants to be independent.

4. Everything they buy: handbags, shoes, dresses or products from pharmacy costs, in fact, 20% more than you said

5. Old partners were not at all bad in bed

Even if you will say repeatedly that you are the best, not get pinned in place. And not one of the largest. Probably … But appreciate that you will not hurt and that I care about you.

6. I am afraid it will turn into a nagging mother

It is not afraid to say: “You act just like your mother.” Not that appreciate their mothers, but the idea that are nagging or boring sometimes will not get their heads months. So watch what you say!

7. They want to be a bit jealous. And in any case extremely jealous.

Must see that you are a little jealous of any male couple again appearing in your area. There must be desperate. This is bad. But you take the little fangs will feel wanted and protected. It’s a bit odd, but if you observe it, go for sure.

8. Have fantasies with famous men, but that means nothing

And you fantasize about all the chicks in magazines or movies. Or on the street. Or job. Or .. The list goes on forever.

But this is nothing disturbing. It’s not like you will find one day in bed with Brad Pitt!

9. I always tell friends rather than admit that they do

You realize that when you add up girls, can not be quiet. He will tell all the details. Usually those that you consider them unimportant …
It will complain about how you’re not careful, the fights you’ve had lately, as you waste your life or whatever and whenever you do.

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