Things that a woman will never tell you

December 31, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

Not only men can hide the truth or just veiled by their own will, making them the truth lovers incomplete. Even women are capable of when they think it is better to remain unknown, the desire not to offend or to protect the relationship. Here are some commonly encountered situations and some reasons why that happens:

Women agree that partner to spend time with friends

Many men believe that love is something personal with their friends, whom they dislike simply because they exist. This is totally untrue! In reality women have nothing against friends, that they’re just like, as part of their lives, necessary and important.

They understand the need to get “the boys” just because of the existence of their group of friends. If a balance is maintained between time spent with friends and time with his girlfriend, if friends will not limit the time spent together, things will flow perfectly.

We want to know your friends, but we consider it absolutely unnecessary that you also know them on ours

Maybe that is irrational, unfair and unacceptable if they come from you, but it’s true. We really want to know friends, the desire to know entourage now in our absence and how it can influence.

We want to pleasing your friends, because they do not have anything against us. We want them to support our relationship and not to condemn or to instigate deceived us. We want the approval of your friends because we know they are an important part of your life and that their opinion can influence decisions.

We respect very much time spent “the boys”, as long as your fun we certainly our relationship is not harmful. But how much we want to know life your secondary, so the least we want to get involved in ours. Because I want to know some topics of conversation are strictly between the girls, things could not understand them or misinterpreted them.

Must acknowledge that one reason would be the fear of not being in love with one of our friends, so that we’ll not say never, but that bothers us very much.

So try to understand our hypocrisy, irrational, true, but could not affect the relationship in a negative way.

Frightening idea that other women will attract more

Occurs frequently, even in serious relationships, a strange phenomenon, caused more than the male psyche, namely the desire for what can not, namely – other girls.

Suddenly, others seem irresistibly attractive, just because you know that are inaccessible. In this situation you should focus strongly attributes on the relationship you are involved, because you will arouse jealousy girlfriend, who certainly would not accept it.

Try to avoid contact with any woman they consider appealing, avoiding the temptation to go wrong. Consider the woman who will be together for better or worse, whose love is conditioned only by feelings received from you.

If you do meet a woman who will awaken uncontrollable passion that it is better to be honest with your girlfriend and to end the relationship before it wrong.

After all, no woman needs a man whose love she is not totally and exclusively dedicated to them.