Welcome to our Help / FAQ page. We hope that we’ve anticipated any questions you may have about our site and service in the space below. If you have a suggestion or a question which isn’t addressed here, please feel free to email us.

When you first join our site, you become a free member. This allows you to create profiles, add up to 27 photos, search for people by country, create a favourites list – and send unlimited winks! You’ll be alerted by email if somebody on the site adds you as a favourite, winks at you, or sends you a message. You’re also able to respond to an email sent to you by Gold Members!

Should you decide to become a Gold Member yourself though, you’ll also be able to access all services without any limitation:

  • Initiate sending emails / chatting online
  • Email / Wink filter settings
  • Photo / Profile security options
  • Send birthday cards
  • View compatible matches
  • View last login time
  • Search for people by Advanced / Saved / Keywords, Horoscope / Astrological sign, State / Province or Zip / Postal Code / City and so on.

You can upgrade to Gold membership now! It’s only $29.95 a month. To upgrade your free membership to Gold Membership, please visit the ‘My Account’ page when you login and click on ‘Upgrade Now’. Or, you can click here to be taken there once you’ve logged in.

Basic features
  Username / Password

A: No problem! Just click Forgot your password? at the login area. Enter either your email address or username. Then your password will be mailed to your registered mailbox within a few minutes.

If you have changed email addresses and cannot receive the auto-email username / password reply you may call us at 1-416-628-1072 for assistance.

A: Your username and password are case-insensitive. Please make sure you input them correctly. This applies to you if you get the correct username or password. If the problem still persists, you may have turned the cookies off by accident. Then set cookies of your browser on. For more details about cookies, please check Enable cookies.

Still need help? Contact us.

A: To change your password / username, please go to “My Account / Home” page after login and then click on “Update account”.

My photos

A: bikerdatingscene.com makes it easy for you to post a photo. To upload a photo directly from your computer, simply go to the “My Account / Home“, select Add / Manage photo, and follow the instructions.

A: Normal posting time for photos is 24-72 hours. Our staff must approve each photo to maintain the quality of matches available through bikerdatingscene.com.

A: Please review the following photo uploading requirements and re-submit your photos for approval:

  • Only GIF, JPG (Jpeg), PNG, BMP or TIFF files. Photos should be less than 3M in file size.
  • No illustrations, drawings or caricatures; no contact info; no porn, copyrighted photos.
  • Real, clear and nice-looking photos will get priority listing.
  • Your photos will be reviewed. Inappropriate photos will be deleted.
  • If you are experiencing problems when uploading photos, contact us for help.

More tips on picking primary photo

  My profile

A: In the main navigation click on ” Free Sign-Up ” and follow the steps. Creating and posting a profile is free and takes only a few minutes to go through the easy steps. Think of it as a quick sketch of who you are, your lifestyle, and what counts most in a relationship. Our questionnaire will highlight your personality traits and interests and enable you to describe your personality even further in a brief narrative. Why wait? Create your profile today!

A: It’s quick and easy to do! To update your profile, just click “My Account / Home ” then click on Edit / View profile and follow the simple instructions.

A: After logging in to “My Account / Home” page, click My favorites, and you can check your favorite list here.

A: To cancel, click on “My Account / Home” then “Other membership services” then click on “Resign from the website and delete profile“.

A: Please go to ‘Manage Settings’ and click ‘Profile / Photos privacy / visibility settings‘ after login.

Live chat

A: Please clear your browsers cookies / cache, then try again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact customer service.


A: You can check your email by clicking on “Email / Wink” on my account page after logging in, you may also go to your mail box that you used to register with us.

A: Quite often email “spam” protection can block emails being sent to you through our website.

To ensure you never miss emails, add us to your address book. Also check bulk / junk folder regularly.

A: No. As a standard member, you can reply to all messages except winks sent to you by hitting “reply” at your real mail box.

If you have received a “Wink” you must be a Gold Member to reply to the “Wink”. If you are a Gold Member you can click on the profile link at the bottom of the “Wink” email. That will take you to the user’s profile where you can scroll to the bottom of their profile in order to initiate an email.

A: As a Standard Member, you can not initiate sending messages to others. To do so, you need to become a Gold Member.


A: It is a quick, fun way to let someone know you’re interested. You pick a one-liner from the list, and it’s sent to the member of your choice. The member gets the wink in the webmail or email address and then can go to your profile and wink back with you.

All users can send winks for free. If you’d like to take it a step further, then upgrade to a gold member and sending an email to start up a real conversation.


A: Searching allows you to specify the types of member profiles you want to see. You can conduct an unlimited number of searches by selecting the preferences and characteristics of your desired match. Start with zip code, age, and gender. Then narrow your search with physical characteristics, lifestyle practices, and relationship desires. Play around and try a variety of searches. You never know where you’ll find your perfect match!

A: There are a number of ways to increase your number of matches. First make sure you have created a profile. Once you create your profile, our exclusive technology will compare your profile responses with those of other members to find the profiles that best match you. Already did that? The criteria in your profile may be too specific. Go to Search Profiles and try to broaden your match criteria. For example, if you have height requirements of 5’10” -6’0″, try expanding those by a few inches.

Don’t just wait for someone to respond to your profiles. Start initiating as many winks or emails as possible.

Post a photo. Research shows that profiles with photos are 8 times more like to receive a response.

When contacting other members, remember to talk more about yourself and ask questions. That gives your potential match even more incentive to write back.

Make sure to sign in to your account frequently. This will enable your profile to be higher up in the search results.

On the more technical side, many people have more than one email address. Always make sure you’re using your registered e-mail address.

If you’re not receiving any response at all, you may have a “spamguard” in place. Keeping mail from bikerdatingscene.com from reaching you. Check with your service provider.

If none of these solutions work, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

How to become the featured member?

Gold member with photos will automatically become featured member.

What does “Block member” mean?

If you block a member on our site, that member will no longer be able to contact you in any way. This includes stopping them from viewing your profile, photos, and will stop them from being able to search your profile as well as email / IM you.

What does “Account Manager” mean?

An “Account Manager” means a customer staff who will reach you personally and learn how things are going with your dating. The staff can assistant you when you have any issues when using our services.

It is the privilege for gold members only.

  Frequently asked payment questions

1. We currently accept payments via:

  1. Credit Card – Visa, Mastercard or American Express
  2. Visa or Mastercard Check Card
  3. PayPal.com
  4. Personal Check or Money Order

2. Online payment:

Credit Card and Check/Debit Card payments are made online using our secure server. Subscribe today for more details.

3. Pay by Checks and Money Order:

Checks and money orders can be made payable to bikerdatingscene.com. For detailed information, please go to “Update billing information” after login.

Please make sure you include the name of the website you have joined (bikerdatingscene.com), your username and email address.

We will update your member status once your check or money order has been received. It may take 1-2 weeks from the day that you mail it. Try logging in periodically to see if your account has been updated. If you have any problems, please send your check or money order number, date when it was sent, real name on it, amount and email/username to support@bikerdatingscene.com.

A: In order for you to spend more time finding your match and less time paying bill, your subscription will be auto-renewed at the monthly rate until you cancel gold membership, unless you pay by packages. You can easily turn off auto-renewal on the “Subscription status” page after login or by contacting customer service.

A: PayPal, owned by eBay, is a global online payment system. PayPal is a convenient, easy-to-use, and secure way for individuals and businesses to send and receive money online for goods, services, charitable donations, and so forth. It’s also a full-service operation that provides front-end and back-end solutions to increase growth and revenue for merchants.

A: As the best dating site, we offer a very secure SSL environment for tens of thousands of our members. We have not encountered a single incident where the customer’s information was compromised.

Our website is directed to PayPal.com. You actually enter all your billing information at PayPal.com, not at our website. Please double check.

A: At present, the system does not allow freezing gold membership. However you can cancel the gold membership by going to “Other membership services” under “Tools & Settings” item.

A: In order to use your debit card on our site, it must have both a name and verification code. You may also try PayPal.

A: It will show up as SuccessfulMatch on your billing statement.

A: Occasionally our credit card processor will refuse a card even though it is valid. Please give PayPal a try, or you could send us a check or money order in the mail.

A: Successfulmatch is the name of the parent company, which manages bikerdatingscene.com and many other dating sites. The purchase will show up in the billing statement under the name of SuccessfulMatch for billing purposes.

  1. PayPal, owned by eBay, is a global online payment system. PayPal is a convenient, easy-to-use, and secure way for individuals and businesses to send and receive money online for goods, services, charitable donations, and so forth. It’s also a full-service operation that provides front-end and back-end solutions to increase growth and revenue for merchants.
  2. Check is a financial document which allows us to transfer specified amount of money from user’s account to ours A money order is a type of check intended to provide a safe alternative to sending cash (in the mail). Money orders are typically sold by third parties such as post offices, etc.
  3. Credit Card/Charge Card A card which can be used to obtain cash, goods or services up to a stipulated credit limit. The supplier is later paid by the credit card company which in due course is reimbursed by the credit card holder who will be charged interest at the end of the credit period if money is still owing.
  4. Check Card/Debit Card A debit card is a card which physically resembles a credit card, and, like a credit card, is used as an alternative to cash when making purchases. However, when purchases are made with a debit card, the funds are withdrawn directly from the purchaser’s checking or savings account at a bank.

A:SuccessfulMatch is NOT responsible for any overdraft fees or situations resulting from customers using cards with insufficient balances to cover membership costs.It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure funds are prepared to cover all applicable fees and taxes.

How much do gold memberships cost?

We offer three membership purchase options: (ALL PRICES ARE IN US DOLLARS)

• 6 months (about $15.95 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $239.70 $95.95 Save 60%
• 3 months (about $19.95 / month) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $119.95 $59.95 Save 50%
• 1 month (about $1.00/per day) Billed in 1 EASY Payment of $39.95 $29.95 Save 25%

When purchasing a gold membership through check card / credit card / PayPal, please be aware that our one-month memberships automatically renew unless we are notified to turn off the billing.

How to cancel

To cancel, please go to “Other membership services” on the My Account page after login. It is instant and secure. Canceling by our staff takes much longer time due to procedures including possible back and forth security verification.

What does a standard membership allow me to do?

A free Standard Membership allows you to upload photos and create profile which will describe who you are as well as the kind of person/match that you’re looking for. Other Standard Members and Gold Members will be able to view your profile.

You can send free winks to anyone whom you are interested in. If you should receive an email or instant message from a Gold Member you may reply back for free to that member. However, you may not initiate emails or online instant message out to other Standard Members. That privilege is reserved for Gold Members.

As a Standard Member you may also search profiles for free. However, you are restricted to a basic search which includes the gender you are seeking, age range and region . All other specific search criteria are reserved for Gold Members.

  Tips on online dating safety

  1. Don’t post personal information. Wait until you feel comfortable with an individual before telling them things like your phone number or place of work or address.
  2. Never give out your bank account details or any other financial information. If you are approached by any member then report them immediately.
  3. Don’t let anyone pressure you into giving away more information than you want to.
  4. Beware of solicitation – watch out for anyone offering financial advice or asking for charitable contributions.
  5. Even if you’re arranging to meet someone, do not give out any unnecessary personal details such as your home address.
  6. If you feel unsure or threatened by someone’s behaviour, stop contacting with them immediately. Visit their profiles and use the block button to prevent any further contact.

How do I capture an image of my screen?

To help us troubleshoot and assess the issue, please take a screenshot of the entire page when the issue occurs. You may then include this file as an attachment in your email.

To take a screenshot, simply do the following:

  1. Press and hold down the “Alt” key on your keyboard. While holding down the “Alt” key, press the “Print Screen” key located just above the “Insert” key.
  2. Click the Windows “Start” menu and select “Programs” then “Accessories” then “Paint”.
  3. Once the Microsoft Paint application is open, click the “Edit” menu then select “Paste”. If you’re prompted that the “image in the clipboard is larger than the bitmap”, click the “Yes” button.
  4. Click the “File” menu in the upper left-hand corner of the Paint application then select “Save As”.
  5. Enter a name for the “File name” field.
  6. Choose “JPEG” as the “Save as type” option.
  7. Save the file to a location like your desktop then close the Paint application.
  8. Attach the file to your email response and include any other relevant information.

A: 1. Netscape Navigator 4.x (Windows and Mac):

Click the Edit menu and select Preferences.
Click on Advanced in the list of topics on the left side of the window. The right side of the window should now display a series of checkboxes.
Find the box labeled “accept all cookies” and make sure it is checked.
Click OK.

2. Microsoft Internet Explorer For Windows Version 5.xx

Click the Tools menu and select Internet Options.
Click the Security tab at the top of the window.
The box at the top of the window should read Internet Zone.
The bottom section of the Security window contains several buttons. Click the one marked Custom.
Scroll down the list of options until you see the Cookies heading.
In the Allow per-session cookies (not stored), click the Enabled button.
In the Allow cookies that are stored on your computer, click the Enabled button.
Click OK.

3. Microsoft Internet Explorer For Windows Version 6.xx

Click the Tools menu and select Internet Options.
Click the Privacy tab at the top of the window.
Make sure that the slider is set at a level not higher than Medium.
The bottom of the slider section of the Security window contains several buttons. Click the one marked Advanced.
In the new window under the Cookies section, check the box labeled Override automatic cookie handling.
Now you will see the other settings enabled and can be configured.
Under the First-party Cookies section, click the Accept button.
Under the Third-party Cookies section, click the Block button.
Check the box labeled Always allow session cookies.
Click OK.

4. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x (Mac)

Click the Edit menu and select Preferences.
On the left pane, under the Receiving Files section, click Cookies.
In the right pane, find the pull-down menu next to When receiving cookies and select Never ask.
Click OK.

Scam Policy & Warning

We stringently enforce its Terms of Use and does not tolerate any violations.

If you wish to report spam or complain about a certain member that is not adhering to our Terms of Use, please email the information to support@bikerdatingscene.com and our customer care team will deal with the matter quickly and professionally in short time.

If you come across a photo or profile that you feel should not be allowed on our site such as scammers, please send us the member’s username with any pertinent information so that we may investigate the issue without delay. If you scam or spam our members, you will be held liable for damages to BikerKiss. bikerdatingscene.com reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action in its sole discretion against anyone scamming or spamming the website.

Service Agreement